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Imagine your favourite book characters drawn & painted to their descriptions from your books! I will turn your amazing words into unique & fun art for you & your readers! From band posters to your leading couple kissing and more! Learn more.

Logo Art & Design

I create logos from a sketch through to a clean finish, working with you to get your brand shining bright.
There are no boiler plate templates used at Booknerdfangirl for design work – every piece of the logo design will be worked to your specifications! Learn more.


Let me help your event stand out with unique & fun merchandise designed & hand made by a booknerd for booknerds. Bookish creations are my speciality; whether it’s a postcard illustration, custom made memorabilia from your book or the shiniest swag to give your event attendees & signing authors that special something! Learn more.

Cover Design

Beauty. Fun. Sexy. Edgy. Sweet.
Whatever your story, together we can create a cover design that exudes the feels at first glance that you want your readers to experience! Learn more.


Once upon a time, there was a woman who really loved books. Spoiler: It was me! It's my favourite way to be. I love to read all the books! Well, all the romance books in whatever genre they come! Those sexy book boyfriends, the kickass, sassy leading ladies, the scenes that bring them together & tear them apart - and the woo!


All of this, the beautiful & the harsh moments you write with these amazing characters, is what I am inspired to create from. To draw all of your characters, bring them to life with art, whether that's a painting or jewellery, to compliment your words!

For the authors. For the readers. For the booknerdfangirls!


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