BABE Signature Book Box – White Edition


A wonderful memento to store your memories and swag from Ballgowns and Books Event in Sydney!

Each White Edition BABE Book Box comes with a Silver or Gold Sharpie and is adorned with BABE 2020!

Available for a limited time.


Etch Name

Customise your book box by etching your name!

BABE Logo Colour

Optional: Have your Signature Book Box stand out with a stunning metallic look Book Box Plate. (Your book box will be etched with the official BABE logo on the Book Box by default without this option.)


Each Book Box is handmade in our home studio, north of Brisbane, Australia.
Outer dimensions approximately 19.5cm x x 4.2cm
Inner dimensions approximately 18cm x 12.8cm x 3.5cm
Made from Melamine coated MDF with optional metallic acrylic BABE logo.

Due to the gloss finish of Melamine, only certain markers have staying power on the White Edition Book Boxes. Extensive testing has shown that the best pens are Sharpie brand in Gold and Silver. Due to this, each White Edition BABE Book Box will include a complimentary Silver or Gold Sharpie. You are welcome to use other markers, however please be aware that some bubble and do not dry in clean lines.

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